It’s officially my birthday 🙂

Not only is this the day of my official existence, but it is also the date of the December Daring Bakers Challenge post and i decided that as it was to be done on my birthday, christmas and the holiday hooplah took over the month of December and 1,000,000 other things were happening, i would take creative liberty with the “gingerbread house” theme hoping that the DB’ers would see that it was fate with the birthday date to let me go at it my way and make gingerbread people standing in front of a template house and call that gravy for this month’s challenge 🙂

Here are some of the many people (including a skeleton! 🙂 created by my efforts (and the template that i was planning to use on the gingerbread house until time surpassed practicality)

that's my little frenchman in the foreground! notice his moustache!?

the house template looms behind!

a cutout chimney closeup!

sorry the house never made it – i hope that this counts enough – the thought was there – i promise! time just ran out! 😦  Merry late christmas to everyone regardless – and i hope you all have a great new years too!!! 🙂