Yesterday – Hula (Acorn’s mom!) gave birth to two baby bucks making the 2010 total come to three bucks, no does. Oh well – they are all still super cute 🙂 All the does this year were bred to a boer goat and some of their markings are impressivley strong in the gene pool. One of Hula’s boys was the traditional white body with a brown head – but he has some nubian markings still – including the white ears and little white “hat” that all my goats seem to get as well. The other is solid brown which isnt as common as the white body/brown head combo of his brother. He was way bigger – and came out second. Thankfully she’s doing well – as are they. I’m still working on names, but mainly, I’m glad everyone is well 🙂

here’s some pix that emily took about an hour post-birth:

Mamma Hula givin' some love

Here's the first one out

And his brother!