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I’ve been rather absent lately, OBVIOUSLY, as my last post was quite some time ago.

The quick update?

Spring 2010 yielded nine baby goats in total, five boys, four girls; I’m keeping one doeling, Falafel who was a triplet out of Waffle. Twins Bridget and Gidget still are looking for homes as is Falafel’s sister Taziki, all the boys have left as did one mom, so goal for winter 2010 is just five goats; Falafel, Waffle, Hula, Picante and Acorn. I’m still working at the paper like crazy, writing real estate offers, battling the dirty dishes in the sink and hoping that my FREAKING TOMATOES will turn red, despite the weird cool weather. Garden is flourishing otherwise, as are windowsill plants. Updated photos soon, I pinkie swear!

On a more exciting note, my website design knowledge has increased about 100x since we last…spoke and I have been feverishly working away at two sites;  my personal budding photography business, and an online business endeavor with Josh, – the first of which I just finally completed today, the latter, well, it’s still in progress.

Go take a peek, at mine tho, eh?  🙂


The Willits Rotary Club holds their annual Crab Sale on two winter morning weekends. Through my job as a photographer and writer for our local newspaper, I went over and took some photos of the festivities.

Coming from a vegetarian, it was pretty gross.

Coming from a photographer, there were a bunch of great shots 🙂

Here’s a few below, and you can check out all of them here

a cooked crab smiles at the camera

Bill Jack of the Willits Rotary quickly hauls freshly cooked crabs to the washing station

Willits Rotary members pose with the sea of crabs

More goofy crab moments 🙂

the sea of crabs

The next installment of my mom (code name “DQ”)’s handiwork – the Chocolate Tulip!

Can anyone guess what DQ stands for?!   🙂

The chocolate tulip

The chocolate tulip

it was another of the bite-sized desserts that went to the fundraiser…this was a really bitter sweet ganache in a buttery crust – almost like a truffle in a tart pan 🙂

Here’s the group shot:

a field of tulips? :)

a field of tulips? 🙂

Foodgawker has also picked up my hegdehogs photo – this is the first one that they have gone for!! Whoo!!!! What a nice Saturday morning surprise!

TasteSpotting and I have an on and off again courtship – we get in apparently one-sided tiffs, disagreeing on image composition, center of focus and whatnot, but we’re back on the ups again since they decided to accept my Hedgehogs photo – a masterpiece from my mom who created tons of these little critters for a fundraiser for our new hospital.

Thanks TasteSpotting!!

and of course,

thanks to everyone who comes and checks it out! 🙂

My mom is an incredible chef and more importantly, baker.

She was commissioned/volunteered to make tasty treats for a fundraiser for our local hospital.

She made chocolate tuplips, hedgehogs, pumpkin purses and caramel chocolate cups – all were divine!

Check out her handi-work – I’ll post them all over the next few days … (See the second post here)

Here are the …



A little hedgehog - this one was on the run!

The Hedgehog Army - I think there were over 200 individually

The Hedgehog Army - I think there were over 200 individually

After a few failed attempts at submitting photos … my cinnamon rolls recipe was accepted at TasteSpotting! So exciting! : ) A big thanks to everyone who came and checked out my page from there and for my two sweet first comments! Yay! : )

I entered three photos into a contest at Fine in their summer bouquets contest. I have a small clustering of Naked Ladies (at least that’s what we’ve always called them in our family) in my yard and I brought a few in to set on my window sill above my kitchen sink. They looked so elegant in the glass pitcher that I got a few years ago from a past landlord that was filled with a homemade liquor — I hope I do well!

Vote for me?? 🙂

Here’s a sneaky peek: