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Sweet bubbling goodness

Leftovers + pre-“cooked” noodles + mushroom + spinach + ricotta = lasagna … oh yeah.

Let’s start from the begining…

I hate squash. For clarification; I define squash as the stringy acorn kind, not items such as zucchini or crookneck.

Now that we have that clear… you will be astounded at my next move.

I decided the other day to buy a butternut squash.

I still dont know why, but with the cold weather finally arriving, i was in a soupy mood. It turned out delicious. I added a little curry powder, onions, garlic and tomatoes and i roasted it all in the oven and then immersion blendered it until blissfull. I did learn about the necessity to seed the tomatoes for the second time around.

For the sake of my laziness to type, I’m just going to say to use a premade or leftover portion of butternut soup for the sauce 🙂


tasty interior

Also as an ode to laziness, im going to just write out ingreditnets in layers from bottom to top, you figure amounts/methods, thats what cooking is about anyway right? not measuring?? 🙂


glass pan

small amount of olive oil


sauteed mushrooms with onions and garlic


ricotta laced with tyme, oregano and basil

fresh spinach

grated motzarella


all the goodness

Repeat in that order until you reach the top of the pan.

The last layer, use just:



grated motzarella.

Cover with tinfoil.

Bake in a preheated 375 oven for 30-45 min, uncovering for an additional last 15 minutes or so till it looks golden and delicious.


are these?!

Marshmallow witches from Taste of Home!

Just in time for Halloween!

And most appropriate for the blog, no? 🙂