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Be still my beating heart of hilarity!

This Marshmallow Test is HILARIOUS!

go check it out!


I have good news!

my garlic which i wrote off as dead after last year’s puddle-submerged bed in which they were planted – i noticed earlier this morning that low and behold – the garlic’s a growin’ and its growin’ strong! WAAHOOOO!!! 🙂


i know its not uber exciting – but they’re alive! and growing! and green! yay! 🙂

also, my window sill in the kitchen has become my other locale for green goodies:

the sil!

from the left:

cat nip sprouting from seed

chives sprouting from seed

abandoned asparagus fern from a friend’s mom im trying to nurse back to health but i think im loosing the battle as its shedding all of its spikes

forget me nots sprouting from seed

(a pie bird!)

basil sprouting from seed

sweet yet weird cactus fro walmart sitting atop a candy cane container

yellow crocus from the farmers market

tomato seeds that sprouted in fall and mostly died over the winter

(wobble bottle opener!)

pepper seeds that sprouted in fall and mostly died over the winter

spider plant on counter that happily grows just about anywhere (and a little small striped house plant inside it too)

and a green hanging plant given as a gift to me from someone who bought an animal at the livestock auction at the redwood empire fair a few years ago chills above the window!

Have you heard of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

I’m a total convert. Love it.

In a moment of divine intervention – i have created a ASCII rendering of his Noodlyness for all to enjoy.

i give you:

\ || /

Yesterday I officially enlisted!

No! Not in the army or anything like that – I became part of the Daring Bakers Blogroll.

Do you know about the Daring Bakers?

They have a monthly challenge where members all make the same recipe and then share their experiences on blogs for the efforts of learning and growing as a baker.

Here’s my official “About Me” for DB:

I am the daughter of locally acclaimed baker – DQ or Dessert Queen – who has the family corner on baking. I’m a better cook – though I’m also a vegetarian. So, to make mummie proud – I’m putting my baking abilities to the test (and my continued motivation to upkeep my blog and joining the Daring Bakers.

I am a budding photographer – a skill which I use at my day job working for our town’s newspaper for which I also write and do ad design.

I own a small herd of dairy goats – Picante, Waffle, Hula, Acorn and Setiva at the moment who enjoy eating a portion of my paycheck while also decorating the “back 40.”

I also have a fat siamese – officially named Sheeva — though only by the annual card from the vet. She commonly goes by Pooter, Poot or Poo Smile

I’m excited to try this and hope to evoke some sort of Julie-esqe-ness that blogging about food will help bring me back to the surface Smile

You have to complete 8 of the 12 challenges throughout the year to stay with the bunch and that’s a scary yet motivating rule.

I’ll keep you (the atmosphere?!) apprised as it unfolds!

Daring Bakers also came up with some very cute new logos – I’m a fan of Ms. Measure – though as a cook over a baker, I’m not big on measuring 🙂

I FINALLY watched Julie & Julia yesterday with my dear friend Carm and was so pleased that it ended up being my Saturday afternoon thing to do.

If you havent watched it – i STRONGLY recommend that you go – run to the theater and watch it.

Not only is it an incredibly sweet and inspiring story – it also made me want to addend Le Cordon Bleu, wear pearls, cook through a whole cookbook and not abandon my fledgling blog.

I cried, i laughed and i can’t wait to see it again 🙂