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I have been ignoring my dear Marshmallow Dreams site lately as i have been focusing my attention on my photography and graphioc design site,! Take a peek! Website was created from scratch and i think its a great way to showcase what im up to! In addition, I finally met my first and only related-by-blood cousin yesterday – Little Ava. SO CUTE 🙂


Yesterday – Hula (Acorn’s mom!) gave birth to two baby bucks making the 2010 total come to three bucks, no does. Oh well – they are all still super cute 🙂 All the does this year were bred to a boer goat and some of their markings are impressivley strong in the gene pool. One of Hula’s boys was the traditional white body with a brown head – but he has some nubian markings still – including the white ears and little white “hat” that all my goats seem to get as well. The other is solid brown which isnt as common as the white body/brown head combo of his brother. He was way bigger – and came out second. Thankfully she’s doing well – as are they. I’m still working on names, but mainly, I’m glad everyone is well 🙂

here’s some pix that emily took about an hour post-birth:

Mamma Hula givin' some love

Here's the first one out

And his brother!

Acorn gave birth today to one darling baby buck. He is huge, she is not and she was a total trooper through her first birthing ever. I’m sleepy, she’s sleepy, little Scrat is feisty and is up and drinking already and is happy to be out I’m sure. She went into full labor around 4 p.m. this afternoon and he was out on the ground just after 5 p.m.

one down, two – maybe three, to go.

Me holding a just-born little Scrat! 🙂

Just after being born!

As spring comes into full swing, baby goats are on the horizon! … i’ll keep ya’ll posted! three of the five does are preggy and we should be expecting babies by the end of the month!! 🙂

Have you heard of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

I’m a total convert. Love it.

In a moment of divine intervention – i have created a ASCII rendering of his Noodlyness for all to enjoy.

i give you:

\ || /

Imelda Marcos and I are born of the same tree, i swear.

i may not be in the position to match her shoe for shoe, but i counted my shoes the other day and I can account almost 70 pairs of shoes inside my house – right now accessible in 15 seconds. yes. almost 70 pairs of shoes. and proud of it 🙂


The regular shoes!

and the fancies!

Heel tunnel! (and my laundry! 🙂

ohh la la!

Pootie had to come approve the selection 🙂

… She’s fancy – i think she liked ’em 🙂

Here’s poot in all her raspberry box glory:






I lurve her 🙂