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As this is the 11th hour of the Daring Baker’s November Challenge – cannolisΒ  – i am going to do this post mostly in photos – that’s the best part anyway – no? πŸ™‚

rolling the dough through the kitchen aid - apparently essential with such hard dough

getting thinner

ahh - i can see the light!

check on the oil temp

cutting out rounds with a cookie cutter tin lid

mom (was so excited to hear that cannolis were on the menu - she insisted we do them together) works away

mom wraps the first one ...

and it goes into the oil

...and it pops right open 😦 and the next 5 or so do too

in true capricorn spirit, i decide there is no way a cannoli shell will get the best of us and i start a sealing process - PINCHING.

take that oil bubbles! lets GO!

mom also starts holding them down ...

and success looms near!

and we start cranking them out

and they start stacking up!

and we have a little photoshoot

...well, wouldnt you have done the same?! πŸ™‚

then mom gets a little silly ...

yep, she's goofy ...

..and another close-up πŸ™‚

and work begins on the dipping chocolate

and the dipping commences ...

aww so pretty

dipped and good to go

chocolate also goes into the filling

complete with pistachios, cinnamon and rose water!

piping into the dipped shells

all filled and delicious!!

All done!

Thanks for all your help mom – glad we got to bake together!

me and mom!!

!! xoxoxo πŸ™‚


The next installment of my mom (code name “DQ”)’s handiwork – the Chocolate Tulip!

Can anyone guess what DQ stands for?!Β Β  πŸ™‚

The chocolate tulip

The chocolate tulip

it was another of the bite-sized desserts that went to the fundraiser…this was a really bitter sweet ganache in a buttery crust – almost like a truffle in a tart pan πŸ™‚

Here’s the group shot:

a field of tulips? :)

a field of tulips? πŸ™‚

Foodgawker has also picked up my hegdehogs photo – this is the first one that they have gone for!! Whoo!!!! What a nice Saturday morning surprise!

TasteSpotting and I have an on and off again courtship – we get in apparently one-sided tiffs, disagreeing on image composition, center of focus and whatnot, but we’re back on the ups again since they decided to accept my Hedgehogs photo – a masterpiece from my mom who created tons of these little critters for a fundraiser for our new hospital.

Thanks TasteSpotting!!

and of course,

thanks to everyone who comes and checks it out! πŸ™‚

My mom is an incredible chef and more importantly, baker.

She was commissioned/volunteered to make tasty treats for a fundraiser for our local hospital.

She made chocolate tuplips, hedgehogs, pumpkin purses and caramel chocolate cups – all were divine!

Check out her handi-work – I’ll post them all over the next few days … (See the second post here)

Here are the …



A little hedgehog - this one was on the run!

The Hedgehog Army - I think there were over 200 individually

The Hedgehog Army - I think there were over 200 individually